Smart-watch and silver economy

This project was done at the University. It consisted of co-research between France and Japan about the expectations of elderly people about smart-watch. How they use it, what for, what would they want that doesn't exist? Is the smart-watch the best solution for their needs?

With three other students our goal was to make several research phase in France, based on surveys "in the street" and online. We had to detect the "weak signals" that would lead the future of the smart-watch industry (it was quite ambitious)

Ending in a personal proposal and passing all our survey material to a Japanese university that would use it there in order to compare both results (results still pending).


We made an important phase of benchmark in order to understand what the current industry is doing, what are the current possibilities, what is working or not working commercially. As a result we presented a summary table showing the four big family of existing smart-watch.


Then we made a survey in order to know more about the relationship between older people to smart-watch and technology.

We asked questions like :


- How do you handle your days? Tell me about your yesterday

- What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?

- How do you see yourself in five years?

- What is the last technological object you bought or received? Are you using it? What do you like / brings you? Were you recommended? (review, entourage, Internet ...)

- Have you ever bought a device that is not "marketed" for you?



We made fifteen 30-40 minutes interviews which helped us to grasp the way they perceive technology and connected device. From these data emerged five persona with different and sometimes common expectations. Here is a sample of two of them (in French) :

Through these interviews we found out that one thing was coming back a lot. A lot of elderly people travel. So we decided to follow this idea in trying to create something that would be meaningful and helpful to them.

After a period of reflection we decided to create a device that could help people to traveling in foreign countries in organized trips, but with the opportunity of "escaping" the group, visit what they want and have a way back to their group or a meeting point at anytime.

Each students made a design proposal at the final course in the same time as we presented our research.

My design proposal consisted in an "pocket watch" style with an e-ink screen on both side. On the main side (left drawing on the diagram) there are a scroll wheel allowing the user to select different destinations in the city he is visiting. These destinations would have been registered before by the person or by the travel agency. The screen shows the way to the set destination, like "back to group", "Design Museum", "Eiffel Tower" and so on.


On the back of the device there is a second e-ink screen that is used as an emergency map that always shows the way departure meeting point. E-ink screen when they run out of battery still shows the last thing that was screened. Like this people would always have a way to find their group.