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I strongly believe that most of human errors are made because of poorly designed interface and objects, from doors to nuclear power plant's control panels.

It is our responsibility as designer of the 21st century to create experiences which take into account mistakes of the past and nowadays cutting edge technology.

To melt them into innovative and creative solution for people's problems, allowing them, not only to solves those issues, but also giving them the power to create new usage, that designers never thought of.


For me, design is giving elements to grasp in an intuitive and creative way.


The world is changing faster everyday, if I can help on any of the 21st challenge I'll be very proud.


Never be satisfied with what you are.


Hello !


In 2015 I joined Evolunium Conseil where I was designing resume websites. After a year I realized that I was making them as a graphic artist. I was only asked to make them pleasing to the eye, original and different from each other with customizable parts.


It was interesting at first but I quickly understood that this wasn't for me. Then, I remembered work shadowing an UX designer at North Kingdom during my DUT internship (2015). After doing some quick research I found out that UX was not only applicable to websites but on every kind of interfaces, objects and services.


In a naive way I started developing my knowledge through books and artciles on UX. I had never been confronted to design before, for me design was only big names like Philippe Starck, Pinin Farina or Braun, not something everyone can do.


Anyway, I was hooked.


After I finished my license I applied to the User Experience Design Master of the University of Technology of Compiègne.


Now, I'm a young French UX designer student at University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) with a UI/webdesign background.


Looking for 6 months internship anywhere in the world.


If you want to know more about my skills have a look at my resume or check out my LinkedIn!


When I'm not working I'm a :

_Music lover (vaporwave, rap, progressive rock, metal)

_Movie amateur

_Book stacker

_Electric guitar learner


Thanks a lot for passing by !

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